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These ornamental members of the onion family are achieving great popularity for their distinguished presence and outline. The symetrical stems and shapely flower heads lend an extra symetry and interest to the mixed flower border and the foliage too can often be quite a feature. All cut very well and thrive in welld rained soil in a sunny aspect. Most are of the easiest cultivation and go on indefinitely. My range includes several rarer and sought after species as well as the classics. NOW DESPATCHED AS POT GROWN BULBS! Number of bulbs per pot will vary with variety, there will be several bulbs in a pot of the smaller bulbed varieties, and maybe only one of those giants that produce a large bulb. Price is per pot, not per bulb. be used in tubs and planters.

An easy and colourful old favourite. Wide heads of brilliant yellow in May. 20cms
Our Price £2.99     Quantity required:  

 Mount Everest
Large rounded heads of green eyed white flowers on 60cm stems in June. Good for the middle of the border, strong and rigid stems. An excellent Allium.
Our Price £4.99     Quantity required:  

Domed heads of rosy pink, a pretty colour. Best planted en masse.
Our Price £2.99     Quantity required:  

Can spread; Few-flowered Garlic. Glossy green leaves and many panicles of silvery white bell flowers, each with a narrow fresh green stripe. Does well in shady positions, forming carpets of flower. Naturalised in a small way, in Ireland.
Our Price £5.99     Quantity required:  

 Round and Purple
An excellent newly introduced feature-Allium with rather large soft purple flower heads held on towering, strong 120cm stems. Very like Globemaster.
Our Price £6.99     Quantity required:  

Extraordinary large, airy metallic purple lilac and pink flower heads with some longer firework like flower stamens producing an unmistakeable effect. The flower heads can easily attain 18 across and also dry very well. A much sought after species, 45cms tall. May/June.
Our Price £5.50     Quantity required:  

Drumstick Allium. Small plum red flowers on the end of long stems.
Our Price £2.95     Quantity required:  

An unusual and recently discovered species from Texas, with somewhat blue grey foliage and umbels of white domed flowers through June and July. Easy to grow. Seldom offered collectors plant. 40cms.
Our Price £3.99     Quantity required:  

An exceptionally pretty species with wide heads of soft pink flowers over a long period, from May to July. Only about 15cms tall. A lovely Allium for the front of the border which is best planted in clumps or drifts
Our Price £2.99     Quantity required:  

Small heads of nevertheless quite striking deep, bright purple flowers in July and August. This is a rarity with very distinct flowers; 40cms in height. Not for chalk or very limey soils, otherwise easy. A real rarity.
Our Price £7.95     Quantity required:  


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