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Dwarf & Miniature Daffs

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Includes the small growing Jonquille, Triandrus and Cyclamineus groups. Tiny gems for rockery, edging a border or path, pots and planters, windowboxes and raised beds. Very weather resistant, these gems are justifiably very popular. NOW DESPATCHED AS POT GROWN BULBS! Number of bulbs per pot will vary with variety but 3-5 per pot is the norm. Price is per pot, not per bulb. These are designed to create instant little groups or 'pockets' in the garden and should be planted as they are, not split up and the effect will be very naturalistic and charming. Maya also be used in tubs and planters, you can also if you wish enjoy them in the home by flowering them in the pots they come in, placing on a sunny windowsill or in the conservatory/sun lounge. As these are supplied ready growing, most will flower very soon.

A real sweety with demure cup shaped blossoms held in loose panicles, milk white and lemon. Has a delicious fragrance.
Our Price £3.00     Quantity required:  

Strongly reflexed white petals and a long narrow soft pink cup; very choice colouring in this class. Seldom offered.
Our Price £3.99     Quantity required:  

 Double Campernelle
Sweetly scented, fully double rosette like flowers of pure golden yellow. Special
Our Price £3.50     Quantity required:  

 February Gold
One of the all-time most popular of miniature Daffodils and highly valued for its very early flowering period, frequently February. The long, slender trumpet is a feature, the whole pure lemon yellow
Our Price £3.50     Quantity required:  

 February Silver
A choice variation of the garden classic February Gold, with lemon and white bi-colour flowers. Sought after.
Our Price £8.95     Quantity required:  

 Golden Bells
Unmistakeable with its highly inflated bell-like centre. Pure golden yellow throughout, a form of the Yellow Hoop-Petticoat Daffodil. Mid March. Special.
Our Price £3.50     Quantity required:  

Small creamy and lemon flowers with a nice scent. Multiheaded; a reliable favourite which provides great value.
Our Price £3.25     Quantity required:  

Virtually unique and very striking reverse-bicolour. Rich golden yellow petals and a pure white cup [usually it is the other way around] Strikingly, the base of the petals surrounding the trumpet also turns white, lending this little beauty a unique and desirable character all its own. Choice, limited.
Our Price £3.99     Quantity required:  

 Jack Snipe
Small but elegant blooms with white swept back petals and a proportionately long, narrow lemon trumpet.
Our Price £3.50     Quantity required:  

A jolly and colourful miniature with perfectly proportioned rich deep golden yellow and orange-red flowers. Very weather resistant. March.
Our Price £3.50     Quantity required:  


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