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Double Daffodils & Narcissi

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These large, full flowers are very glamorous and amongst the most popular of all. Several now have centres of a different colour to the outer petals which extends even further the garden ornamentation of these most beautiful of Daffodils. Great for vase work. NOW DESPATCHED AS POT GROWN BULBS! Number of bulbs per pot will vary with variety but 3-5 per pot is the norm. Price is per pot, not per bulb. These are designed to create instant little groups or 'pockets' in the garden and should be planted as they are, not split up and the effect will be very naturalistic and charming. Maya also be used in tubs and planters, you can also if you wish enjoy them in the home by flowering them in the pots they come in, placing on a sunny windowsill or in the conservatory/sun lounge. As these are supplied ready growing, most will flower very soon.

of the very largest and most dramatic of this group. Pure ice white with vivid fiery red inner segments. An imposing and very desirable variety.
Our Price £3.00     Quantity required:  

Exclusive double white with satin pink inner petals; extremely beautiful. Large flowered
Our Price £3.75     Quantity required:  

 Exotic Beauty
A fabulous new double pink with clear white petals and a densely arranged central trumpet filled with rosy pink petals. A really lovely modern fancy. Only a few bulbs are available.
Our Price £4.99     Quantity required:  

 Golden Ducat
Impressive large, very double pure golden yellow throughout. Nicely scented, reliable. The best double for general planting
Our Price £3.95     Quantity required:  

Impeccably formed sulphur-yellow double with vivid flame coloured inner petals. A much fancied and desirable, recently introduced double with perfection of form
Our Price £3.50     Quantity required:  

 Mary Copeland
A charming old double with creamy white petals interspersed with tangerine orange ones. Well scented. A variety from yesteryear
Our Price £3.25     Quantity required:  

 Orange Phoenix
A variety from a bygone era with white and orange bi-coloured double flowers. Very fragrant, excels for cutting. Limited.
Our Price £3.99     Quantity required:  

 Pink Paradise [1 bulb]
An impeccably presented large new double with several ice white petals interpersed with an arrangement of true pink inner ones. Superlative. Very limited stock, new.
Our Price £3.95     Quantity required:  

 poeticus plenus
A rarity first discovered in 1601! The Gardenia Narcissus, a name coined not only in allusion to its appearance but also its powerful Gardenia-like perfume. Heavily fragrant small posy-like silvery white double flowers, often does not open until May but well worth waiting for! The sweet, carrying fragrance will knock your socks off!
Our Price £4.99     Quantity required:  

Ultra-glamorous rich yellow and red bi-colour double flowers. The blooms are very nicely formed with prominent outer petals framing the many smaller inner ones. As exotic-looking as the name would imply.
Our Price £3.25     Quantity required:  


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