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A family typified by the extremely popular dwarf reticulata Irises, those diminutive little troopers that burst into bloom in February. But aside from that here we have a very varied genus that also includes some really rare and beautiful gems for the border or planted against a warm wall - so read carefully! Also remmber the classic Dutch Iris which are so fine for cutting. NOW SUPPLIED IN POTS. Number of bulbs per pot will vary, 5-6 is an averae for the dwarf/miniatures, the rarer and larger growing species may have just one rhizome. The dwarfv and miniature reticlulatas also flower well on a windowsill or in the greenhouse, if desired.

 Dutch Iris Tigers Eye 90cm's
Superb and unmistakeable with bronzed violet falls and clear campanula blue standards, replete with a small golden crest.
Our Price £3.95     Quantity required:  

 hoogiana [ 40cm's
There is something about this clear lilac blue Iris that keeps making me admire it more and more…. It has a no-frills outline and clear, uncomplicated colouring that perhaps sets it apart. It also has excellent linear, arching purple flushed foliage and a lovely scent. This is one of the Arilbred Irises and as such demands excellent drainage and lots of sun. If these conditions can be found it is easy enough and a rewarding beauty indeed. May/June flowering; again seldom offered.
Our Price £3.99     Quantity required:  

 Katherine Hodgkin
Not a true reticulata but usually included in this section. The grey-blue and turquoise flowers are strikingly unusual and much sought after.
Our Price £3.95     Quantity required:  

Incredible silvery-grey to pale lilac flowers with a brown-chestnut and plum crest and veining. Truly as ornate as any Orchid. Another Regelis Iris that needs perfect drainage and a warm spot but so worth any effort to cultivate….unbelievably beautiful and a rarity.
Our Price £21.95     Quantity required:  

 magnifica 40cm's
A very lustrous looking plant of maybe 40cm’s tall, clad in glossy wide foliage [looking, it has to be said, a little like a Corn plant!] The leafy stems send up several palest icy blue to white flowers, each with an orange crest. Scented, April flowering. Beautiful and unusual in a clump.
Our Price £4.95     Quantity required:  

 reticulata 8cm's
These dwarf Iris are extremely popular for the rock garden, planting between paving, the alpine house, or smaller pots and windowboxes. The velvet-textured flowers appear very early, from late February. This is the original species with deep purple-blue flowers, each with a golden crest marking. All make a height of scarcely 8cm’s.
Our Price £1.99     Quantity required:  

 reticulata Cantab
An excellent medium blue flowered variety with particularly large flowers.
Our Price £1.99     Quantity required:  

 reticulata Natascha
A new almost pure white form
Our Price £1.99     Quantity required:  

 reticulata Pauline
A good deep violet/purple reticulata
Our Price £1.99     Quantity required:  

 Sheila Ann Germany
Reticulata type dwarf with strangely appealing sea-blue, turquoise and silvery grey flowers with a pretty gold crest. February/early March. For rockeries, raised beds, and pans. Special.
Our Price £3.95     Quantity required:  


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