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Includes Autumn flowering Crocus species. A boon to have in the garden as Autumn sets in and all else in the garden is on the wane. The bulbs start to shoot soon after harvesting and may be in growth when your receive them but this is not detrimental to the bulbs at all. Infact they are sometimes placed on a windowsill, just as they are and will flower with no ill effects! These are great bulbs to plant in drifts In clumps in grass or at the foot of a hedge. The large-crocus type blooms appear from September-November, usually before the leaves. This section also includes the Autumn flowering Crocus. Now supplied pot grown.

 Colchicum variegatum
Stunning large, wide open waterlily like white flowers, heavily speckled purple. Highly coveted but, hailing from Greece, not as hardy as other Colchicums and best in a warm, protected spot, or grown in pots and pans and overwintered under glass. Well worth any effort though!
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The most special and sought after of all the Colchicums, the rather beautiful large blooms resemble a waterlily and are light mauve-purple.
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 Crocus cartwrightianus
A good species for mass display with numerous charming light lavender flowers in the Autumn.
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 Crocus pulchellus
An excellent and quick naturaliser with pale lavender blue flowers over a white base, vivid orange stigma. Beautiful drifted beneath trees, the dainty flowers mingling with the first falling Autumn leaves.
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 Crocus sativus
The Saffron Crocus. Beautifully elegant small lilac purple flowers appear en masse in October. As might be expected, the stigmata are very prominent and a deep fiery orange.
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