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Misscleaneous Flowers

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A - Z listing of those flowers that do not appear in the categories above! Many are designed to create instant little groups or 'pockets' in the garden and should be planted as they are, not split up and the effect will be very naturalistic and charming. May also be used in tubs and planters, you can also if you wish enjoy them in the home by flowering them in the pots they come in, placing on a sunny windowsill or in the conservatory/sun lounge. As these are supplied ready growing, most will flower very soon.

 Calochortus Violet Queen
A superb selection with shimmering black spotted violet purple flowers. Outstanding
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 Camassia cuisickii
Quamash, Indian Hyacinth, and Wild Hyacinth. One of the few bulbs to enjoy wetter conditions, in their native America they are found growing in damp or wet meadows. This can be a useful attribute in the garden where they can be employed around water features, streamside and the like, although they will also grow well in the ordinary border where not too dry and will even take some shade. The tall, upright flower heads are very effective in the early summer garden and lend a quite different appeal to almost any other bulbous flower that one can grow. All the original species come in shades of blue, although there are now also white selections. The bulbs have been an important food crop in their native land in years gone by. These make amply-sized plants that provide a fine and architectural effect in the garden.
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 Camassia leitchlinii alba
Flowers a nice shade of greenish cream. As with the above, flowers open late May and June. Good foliage, a very good garden bulb.
Our Price £2.99     Quantity required:  

 Camassia leitchlinii caerulea
The most popular species with long strap shaped shiny foliage and tall elegant spires of lavender blue flowers. A beautiful species. Makes a large bulb.
Our Price £2.99     Quantity required:  

 Camassia leitchlinii Sacawaja
A very scarcely offered selection with beautiful creamy edged variegated foliage and creamy green flowers. Highly desirable.
Our Price £2.95     Quantity required:  

 Camassia Quamash
A basal rosette of glossy grass-like foliage produces a 60cm stem sporting the most exquisite-shade-of-blue flowers. In North America it is found growing by streams and rivers and can form vast stands that turn a whole area a shimmering shade of blue
Our Price £6.95     Quantity required:  

 Chionodoxa luciliiae
‘Glory of the Snow’. A charming small bulb producing a prostrate cluster of shiny leaves and very short stems of hyacinth-like flowers, in early Spring. Easy to grow on most soils providing a carpet in time, studded with a frosting of brilliant blue in early Spring.
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 Chionodoxa lucilliae alba
Pure white form.
Our Price £3.50     Quantity required:  

 Chionodoxa lucilliae Pink Giant
Larger pink flowers with a white centre, most effective.
Our Price £3.95     Quantity required:  

 Dichelostemma ida-maia 90cm's
Currently little known but that might not last long as the ‘Firecracker Flower’ is so visually striking it makes quite a compulsive subject to grow. The large bulbs take very readily to container cultivation and are infact almost hardy; it should be happy with the barest of cold-greenhous eprotection, or you may wish to try it planted in a warm sunny position in the more favoured areas. Flowering May/July, with narrow grassy foliage, the dangling tubular flowers appear 8 to a stem and are glistening red with powder-gold tips. A wonderful plant to grow and not at all difficult. 90cm’s.
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