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Amaryllis [Hippeastrum]

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Amaryllis [Hippeastrum]
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The ultimate glamour for the home I sometimes feel that the awe inspiring huge blooms and decadent colours of the Amaryllis are taken for granted. That they produce such a show with such compatiive ease makes them plants to treasure. Here you will find arguably the rangest offered. They can be planted anytime from September to March/April and will generally bloom 4-5 weeks after planting.

 Hippeastrum Hercules
As the name would imply a super-huge flower, even by Amaryllis standards. The colour is a densely pigmented rosy-salmon throughout. Superb.
Our Price £7.99     Quantity required:  

 Hippeastrum La Paz
Unique, dangling, cascading and spidery rose red flowers with a suffusion of green. Has somewhat glaucous grey stems. New and special; stock very limited.
Our Price £10.95     Quantity required:  

 Hippeastrum Lady Jane
Flamboyant, fully-double soft red with a white stripe. Very free flowering and effective.
Our Price £10.95     Quantity required:  

 Hippeastrum Lemon Lime
A first, this chartreuse-yellow and emerald green bewitching beauty will cast a spell of enchantment that is impossible to escape.
Our Price £10.95     Quantity required:  

 Hippeastrum Lima
Incredible, wide but linear flowers which are a combination of creamy-green and raspberry rose. The most exotic of all; early ordering advised.
Our Price £10.95     Quantity required:  

 Hippeastrum Nymph
Miniature double. White and green flowers like giant carnations, with just some faint rusty red brushings in the centre of the flower.
Our Price £10.95     Quantity required:  

 Hippeastrum Orange Sovereign
My favourite, this evenly toned and velvet-like deep orange vermillion is a real standout.
Our Price £7.99     Quantity required:  

 Hippeastrum Papilio
Papilio means butterfly which is certainly most appropriate for the shapely outline of this variety is certainl very dainty. The blooms are greenish-white at first, heavily patterned in ruby, but as they age the ground colour becomes almost white. Each produces several flowers; this is an evergreen species that does not die back after flowering, and which may bloom more than once a year. Although Papilio only came onto the market relatively recently, it is already rather popular and sought after.
Our Price £10.95     Quantity required:  

 Hippeastrum Pasadena
This valuable smaller growing hybrid has medium sized fully double brilliant red flowers with silvery central markings. Abundant flowering.
Our Price £10.95     Quantity required:  

 Hippeastrum Picotee
Cardinal red with a clearly defined silver patterned centre. Showy.
Our Price £7.99     Quantity required:  


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