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A very important bulb family that encompasses garden classics such as the Snakes Head Fritillary and Crown Imperial, toghether with a wealth of jewel like species rarities. Something for everyone.NOW DESPATCHED AS POT GROWN BULBS! Number of bulbs per pot will vary with vary, the large Crown Imperials will come singly, the smaller species may have 3-5 per pot, or more. Price is per pot, not per bulb. These are designed to create instant little groups or 'pockets' in the garden and should be planted as they are, not split up and the effect will be very naturalistic and charming. May also be used in tubs and planters.

Substantial bell flowers of empire yellow, with a slight suggestion of green, and subtly chequered in purple. Canada.
Our Price £8.99     Quantity required:  

 bucharica [each]
An unusual species of some 60cm’s tall, producing a leafy stem set with many small pure white flowers. Much fancied by enthusiasts.
Our Price £7.50     Quantity required:  

Dramatic, glossy maroon-black flowers in May and glossy leaves. Despite its appearance is fairly easy to grow and a real show-off for the garden.
Our Price £5.45     Quantity required:  

 crassifolia [each]
Drooping bell flowers of muted greeny gold with faint maroon brushings around the outer edges. Blooms around mid March; special.
Our Price £5.99     Quantity required:  

 eduardii [each]
An interesting species which is closely allied to the Crown Imperial but, at 40cm’s, much shorter. It also flowers rather earlier and prefers good drainage during the summer. The plant has none of the distinctive odour associated with imperialis. Rare in cultivation.
Our Price £8.99     Quantity required:  

Mahogany to chestnut brown with gold stripes. An excellent and affordable species
Our Price £3.99     Quantity required:  

The most exquisite dangling urns of plum purple and lime green. Sadly a very rare species, of diminuitive stature – best grown in pots or pans or an intimate space on the rockery.
Our Price £5.95     Quantity required:  

 imperialia aureomarginata
A choice Crown Imperial with golden margined foliage making quite a feature with the orange-red flowers. Bulbs of this rare form always in short supply.
Our Price £7.50     Quantity required:  

 imperialis aurora
All Crown imperials grow to approx 120cm’s The towering Crown Imperials, with their straight tall stems,and pineapple like ruff of leaves atop the clustered bell flowers, is a familiar sight in May of each year. These are a grand addition to the border. The bulbs are very large. The form ‘aurora’ is a beautiful shade of burnt orange.
Our Price £5.95     Quantity required:  

 imperialis Garland Star
An outstanding new variety with dark stems and many larger deep red flowers.
Our Price £5.95     Quantity required:  


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