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A variable genus of pretty plants; the small corms should be planted shallowly in well drained soil.The 'de caen' varieties are classic cut flowers and can unusually, be planted at almost any time of the year, flowering just a few weeks later.NOW DESPATCHED AS POT GROWN BULBS! Number of bulbs per pot will vary with variety but in most cases there will be several bulbs per pot. Price is per pot, not per bulb. These are designed to create instant little groups or 'pockets' in the garden and should be planted as they are, not split up and the effect will be very naturalistic and charming. May also be used in tubs and planters, you can also if you wish enjoy them in the home by flowering them in the pots they come in, placing on a sunny windowsill or in the conservatory/sun lounge. As these are supplied ready growing, most will flower in just a few weeks.

 Anemone blanda pink
Exquisite pure deep rose pink with a white rayed centre.
Our Price £1.99     Quantity required:  

 Anemone blanda white
An exceptional pure white form.
Our Price £1.99     Quantity required:  

 Anemone de Caen Bi-colour
Single white with a red blush.
Our Price £1.99     Quantity required:  

 Anemone de Caen Bordeaux
Astunning newcomer with flowers of rich burgundy-wine.
Our Price £1.99     Quantity required:  

 Anemone de Caen Lord Lietenant
Deep navy blue single flowers.
Our Price £1.99     Quantity required:  

 Anemone de Caen Mount Everest
Pure white single flowers.
Our Price £1.99     Quantity required:  

 Anemone de Caen The Governor
Plush velvet red single flowers.
Our Price £1.99     Quantity required:  

 Anemone lipsiensis [each]
A choice Alpine type with delicate, pale sulphur yellow flowers in Spring at the same time as the cut-leaf bronze foliage emerges. Part shade; prefers humus-rich moist but well drained soil, but would seem to be adaptable.
Our Price £7.99     Quantity required:  

 Anemone nemerosa
[Sold out] The charming wood Anemone. A scarce native that [surprise!] is fond of growing in light woodland. The dainty pure white flowers and fingered foliage creates a vision of loveliness in the Spring garden. Does not like soil that is too dry, otherwise, although delicate looking, is quite easy.
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 Anemone nemerosa bracteata [each]
Sold out.
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