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Gold Label Perennials

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The name for my new range of extra special gold-plated garden perennials! A special selection of new varieties, rarities and one-off specials, all of incredible beauty and offering a first-class service for gardens everywhere. These are the plants I think your garden cant do without. In many cases these are specialities you perhaps might struggle to find elsewhere. All are supplied as first quality divisions/traditional bare rooted plants. Planted in the garden from October-March, most will flower next summer ! [All prices in this section each]

 Agapanthus Blue Giant
Blue Lily of the Nile. Statuesque perennials for the late Summer border, their ample pedicels of lily-like flowers enliven the garden scene from August to September. They revel in a Sunny, warm spot and also make superb feature tub plants. The flowers cut very well. Agapanthus offer a first rate range of vidily summery blue flowers for the border. A number of newer varieties have recently been raised which improve the quality bar considerably over the older, trusted kinds. Mostly 90-120cms in height. Blue Giant A stunning centrepiece variety with long, strong stems set with whopping heads of vivid ultramine blue flowers.
Our Price £3.95     Quantity required:  

 Agapanthus Blue Heaven
This star is very noteworthy because it blooms with alacrity in July and August and then invariably comes again, in September! An incredibly generous, long blooming Agapanthus in a shade of clear, true sky blue.
Our Price £4.95     Quantity required:  

 Agapanthus Donau
A compact grower at about 60cms, so ideal for a tub, but with by comparison very large flower heads. The flowers are a light amethyst blue inside, and flushed strikingly with violet outside. Superb.
Our Price £3.95     Quantity required:  

 Agapanthus Joanna
Glossy violet blue flowers; a new variety that produces a wealth of flower and over several weeks.
Our Price £3.50     Quantity required:  

 Agapanthus Peter Pan
A very useable dwarf Agapanthus for pots and smaller spaces with masses of flowers in a good shade of blue. Invaluable!
Our Price £3.50     Quantity required:  

 Agapanthus Polar Ice
A very good white with darker anthers, free flowering and excellent clarity of colour.
Our Price £3.95     Quantity required:  

 Agapanthus Purple Cloud
Very noticeably different, with rather dark blackcurrant purple flowers, set on grand dark stems. Great glossy foliage too a clump is an arresting sight.
Our Price £4.95     Quantity required:  

 Agapanthus Snowball
Terrific rounded pure white flower heads. A compact grower, at around 2 and laden with big flower heads. A variety of immense quality.
Our Price £4.95     Quantity required:  

 Agapanthus species Africanus
The original old species that remains a strong garden plant with loose panicles of long stemmed blue-violet flowers, beloved of bees
Our Price £3.50     Quantity required:  

 Agapanthus species africanus alba
White flowers.
Our Price £3.50     Quantity required:  


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