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All of the bulbs listed lesewhere on this site are hardy and for garden use. This is a section especially for some exotic beauties that will grace the greenhouse, home, or conservsatory.

 Bulbinella latifolia
A considerable rarity in cultivation, this bulbous plant hails from South Africa and likes plenty of moisture whilst in growth, but good drainage when dormant. It requires to be grown under cover, in conservatory or cool greenhouse, and flowers variably from August to October. It has been suggested that cultivation in good, deep pots, with a loam-based gritty compost, which should be stood in a permanent saucer of water when in growth, is the best method of cultivation. Well worth any effort, the resultant flower stems are likely to have you rushing for your camera.
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 Freesia Albatrtoss 10 bulbs
There are few more satisfying gardening passtimes than growing ones own deliciously fragrant Freesias and these very special individually named varieties are a joy and so rarely offered. Freesia’s are quite easy to grow if potted in October and November in a gritty compost, and grown cool in an unheated greenhouse or conservatory. They may be brought into the house the following January or February, as the buds begin to rise, and enjoyed in the house. Such cultivation results in long lasting, excellent quality flowers and the bulbs may be kept from year to year, increasing in size and value.
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 Freesia Blue Bayou 10 bulbs
Fully double soft silvery blue fragrant flowers; extremely choice cultivar.
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 Freesia Blue Skies
Especially sweetly scented single lavender blue with a cream centre. Large, quality blooms, 5-7 to a stem.
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 Freesia Gabrielle 10 bulbs
Much sought after and seldom encountered double white flowers. Exquisite.
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 Freesia Lady Brunet 10 Bulbs
Double flowers of rustic tomato-terracotta, almost red when opening.
Our Price £4.95     Quantity required:  

 Freesia Pink Attraction 10 Bulbs
Deep pink double; fragrantly enchanting.
Our Price £4.95     Quantity required:  

 Freesia Sandra 10 Bulbs
Beautiful single rose pink self with a paler middle. A particularly lovely Freesia
Our Price £4.95     Quantity required:  

 Freesia Texas 10 Bulbs
Single rich golden perfumed flowers, a variety with size and substance and free flowering
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 Freesia viridiflora 3 Bulbs
An astonishing, bewitchingly alluring creature and a very rare species indeed. This Freesia species has small vivid green flowers set loosely along the arching stems, and has the most hauntingly lovely fragrance. Very rare; hardly ever offered for sale. Stock limited!
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