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A family typified by the extremely popular dwarf reticulata Irises, those diminutive little troopers that burst into bloom in February. But aside from that here we have a very varied genus that also includes some really rare and beautiful gems for the border or planted against a warm wall - so read carefully! Also remmber the classic Dutch Iris which are so fine for cutting. NOW SUPPLIED IN POTS. Number of bulbs per pot will vary, 5-6 is an averae for the dwarf/miniatures, the rarer and larger growing species may have just one rhizome. The dwarfv and miniature reticlulatas also flower well on a windowsill or in the greenhouse, if desired.

 aucheri [each] 25cm's
A stout stem clothed in large, lustrously glossy wavy leaves produces up to 3 large classically beautiful caerulean blue flowers in April of each year. Demands excellent drainage – plant in holes filled with coarse sand, grit, and a little leafmould or peat. Otheriwse – easy.
Our Price £4.95     Quantity required:  

One of the so called ‘Juno’ Irises from Afghanistan. A species that is perhaps seldom encountered in British gardens but beautiful and easily cultivated given well drained soil and sun. The pure yellow and white flowers are borne en-masse in April or May. May be grown in gravely soil or somewhat dry grassy slopes, as well as the sunny border
Our Price £3.75     Quantity required:  

Flamboyant, wedgewood blue flowers with a white central patch and golden signal blaze. The sweet honey-fragrance is an added delight to this most showy of species Iris. 40cm’s tall; suits well drained and warm, sunny aspects. Rarely offered.
Our Price £4.95     Quantity required:  

Closely allied to the reticulata and flowers the same time and looks strikingly similar, except that the flowers are a glorious lemon yellow. A beautiful late wintering flowering miniature bulb with the bonus of a lovely scent.
Our Price £1.99     Quantity required:  

Here is the most glamorously seductive of all the Iris I list. A Regio cyclus hybrid for well drained soil and warm sun – against a Sunny wall maybe or the protected rockery. Also suits pots and pans of gritty compost, which may then be moved under cover for the winter to protect from too much rain – frost hardy.
Our Price £4.50     Quantity required:  

 Dutch Iris Black Beauty 90cm's
Dutch Iris make perfect cut flowers with long, straight stems and perfectly formed flowers. They also look great in the border, as well as presenting pure elegance in the vase. Easy to grow in any ordinary soil and returning year after year. Great value. Black Beauty is a sumptuous velvety blackish plum self with a small golden beard.
Our Price £3.95     Quantity required:  

 Dutch Iris Bronze Beauty 90cm's
Coppery amber and gold. Lovely colour, blooms of high quality
Our Price £3.95     Quantity required:  

 Dutch Iris Cream Beauty 90cm's
The flowers are a delicate creamy primrose on opening, becoming an even deep cream on maturity. A beautiful variety.
Our Price £3.95     Quantity required:  

 Dutch Iris Gipsy Beauty 90cm's
Strange but lovely combination of blue and bronze.
Our Price £3.95     Quantity required:  

 Dutch Iris Golden Beauty 90cm's
Uniform deep daffodil yellow. Scented.
Our Price £3.95     Quantity required:  


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